‘Moving On Up’ Transition Programme

New subjects, changes classes, different teachers, bigger campus, new friendships, more homework, and a timetable, are some of the many changes that students face as the start First Year.

For many the move from national school to second level is an exciting, if at times nervous time. Students go from been the ‘big boys and girls’ in primary to the ‘small ones’ in secondary.

The change can be particularly challenging for some students from small rural schools who find themselves in a much bigger environment.

Limerick Youth Service has developed a Transition Programme that address the issue and challenges facing students as they move from primary to secondary school.

The one day programme, which is run in association with the Limerick Sports Partnership, is divided into four parts:

  • Communication
  • Exploring Change and Friendships
  • Bullying & Peer Pressure
  • Purpose of Rules
  • Sports & extracurricular activities (facilitated by the Sports Partnership).

Students will also meet current students who will share their experiences of life in second level and answer questions that young people may have.

Students from Scoil Íosagáin National School, Hospital Co. Limerick with Lisa O'Connor, LYS

Students from Scoil Íosagáin National School, Hospital Co. Limerick with Lisa O’Connor, LYS 


This module addresses communication skills (verbal and non verbal), developing and understanding good communication within a classroom.

The module will focus on the challenges facing a student on his/her first day at secondary school and how a person interacts with someone they have just met e.g. welcoming a new student, saying ‘hi’ to a quiet student.

Exploring Change & Friendship

The transition from primary to second level can often result a change in friendship with primary school friends as young people meet make new friendship.

This too can present challenges as some young people may find it difficult to make new friendships or miss their ‘old mates.’

This module discusses the many aspects of friendships such as common interest, age appropriate, living in the same area, being left out of a group and being with friends who smoke, drink and are bullies.

Bullying & Peer Pressure

The module discusses different types of bullying and the peer group pressure. Was bullying a problem in primary school and is it something students are fearful of in second level? What are the different types of bullying e.g. physical, emotional, texting.

What is peer pressure and can it lead to bullying?

Examples of peer pressure can be pressure to drink alcohol, take drugs, smoke, miss school, steal, vandalise property, to do well in sports, to do well in exams etc

You may experience peer pressure as you feel you have to live up to either an individual or a group who have expectations for you to join them. Would you want to be friends with a group who don’t except you?

The module will touch on issues such as what if you are the bully? Understanding the word ‘no’ and having the right to change your mind and becoming assertiveness.

Purpose of Rules & Timetable

The module of the programme discusses the issue of rules. It asks why do we need rules? What would happen in society without rules? What are the possible effects of breaking rules?

We also look at the Timetable, an part of second level life that can be exciting, intimidating and confusing.

Sports & Extra Curricular Activities

Our collegeus from the Sprorts Partnership discuss the various sports and extracurricular activities available at second level with students given an opportunity to try them out.

The importance and need for physical activity, hobbies and healthy eating is also discussed.


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